7 Biggest Problems parents face when dealing with bullying
and what you can do about it

It is incredibly difficult to know that your child is involved in bullying as a target, a bully or a witness. I understand as a parent and a life coach.

The worst part is not knowing what if anything should you do? How far do you let it go? Should you just allow your child to deal with it himself? How much should you interfere and in what way? 

On this site, I'll discuss in detail - the problems that many other parents like you face because of bullying and help you avoid common mistakes. Then, we will look at solutions so you can work with your child and take action to avoid tragic consequences and make the bullying stop.

Let's begin with the problems...

Problems Dealing with Bullying

Problem #1  You don't know how to make it stop. To help figure out which solution might be the best course of action  we can start by determining the level of Bullying and look at solutions

Problem #2 Our kids don't talk to us about bullying (or anything??) You find out your child is being bullied...is doing it or has witnessed it and you are the last to know. How do you get the conversation started ? Other Communication tips 

Problem #3 You are not sure where you can find reliable information.  You need  accurate, reliable, trustworthy information and solutions. Understanding bullying.

Problem #4 Not everyone agrees it is bullying.  This is one of the most difficult issues to overcome. Bullying Beliefs and lack of a clear definition keep otherwise caring teachers and parents from taking action.  

Problem #5 You have more Questions than Answers: Is this really bullying? What can I do as a parent? How do I stop it? Get answers and find support. 

Problem #6 It is a difficult situation. Parents have to learn to cope.  Unlike some resources, I am not going to tell you this is going to be easy and go away fast.  You will need some self care tips and stress management. 

Problem #7 This is not a problem you can fix yourself. I know you want to fix it for your child. Every parent has the same reaction. I understand.  A good option is to hire a Life Coach as they can assist in creating the action plan to move forward while assisting you to deal with stress and providing support. More Support.


Is it Bullying ??

IF you answered yes to any of the above questions your child is probably being effected by bullying.  My guess is you are scared and worried about them.  This site will provide you with the information and solutions you need to help guide you and your child to work through the bullying problems. 

Before you get started please take a look and avoid these common mistakes parents make that hurt their child when they are dealing with bullying

I know you have many questions. It does not matter if your child is the bully has been bullied or has witnessed it. You may find your self feeling worried and anxious for your child and unsure how to help. I understand because I am a Parent too and unfortunately I have had to deal with bullying in my past. You have come to the right place to get guidance, the information and support you need. 

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As a Parent and Life Coach I sincerely hope you find everything you need here. However, feel free to contact me if you have questions, suggestions or need more support.
With warm Regards Vicki

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