The Un-Perfect Parent

Attempts at being Perfect Parents have created huge problems for parents, our children and Society as a whole. Lets start being who we are and allowing our children to be who they are....letting ourselves off the roller coaster and allowing us to be the best parents we were meant to be...No experts, strategies, techniques or waiting lists for the best pre-school...Just Completely Unperfect.

Is this consider bullying?

would someone telling someone that them that theyre a bitch and saying to go die, mocking him/her constantly, making fun of him/her everyday in class,

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Building Self Esteem .

Building Self Esteem to prevent bullying is easy if parents follow these steps.

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Understanding Attitude

Understanding ATTITUDE will help parents to guide their children when dealing with bullying.

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Understanding Change

Understanding change can help parents cope with bullying

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Smartphone Safety Tips

Parents need to know these valuable safety tips for if their child is using a smartphone and being bullied.

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Secrets to happiness

Secrets to happiness for parents dealing with bullying.

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Girls Bullying

Some parents might be shocked to find out about girls bullying. However, this is one of the fastest growing groups of bullying.

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Language of Desire

Language of Desire is a program to help women engage their husband.

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Dealing with Conflict

Dealing with conflict is important when parents are dealing with bullying as while it is generally not part of the bullying it will generally be part of the solution.

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Dealing with your reaction to Bullying

Parents have to deal with their own reaction to bullying before they can help their child deal with it.

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Reaction free space-#5 communication tip Tea Time

Parents can use "tea time" as a reaction free space to help you connect with your child

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Approaching Schools

Approaching schools about bullying can be difficult for some parents. Follow this advice and it will go more smoothly.

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Better Life

Parents can have a better life even while dealing with bullying.

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Organizing steps for busy parents

Things will get busy if your child is dealing with bullying all the more reason to get these organizing steps for busy parents done to make life a little easier.

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Bullying Facts

Bullying Facts for parents who want to be in the know.

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