Be Your Best YOu

It is important as Parents to "be your best you". In the case of bullying it is even more important for parents to strive to role model and grow as people in this time of crisis. 

Taking care of yourself and learning new skills will help you cope with bullying and it's effect on you, your child and your family. Increasing your self confidence will impact all areas of your life. 

Baby steps to be your best you

So many times I hear people saying "this is just the way I am" and while that is true and I love the way you are...I accept you in all your perfection.

However, I believe you can be your best you as there is always room to grow and learn. No matter your age or back ground I believe we all have an infinit capacity to be a better version of who we are.

Dealing with Bullying does not have to be a crisis. Once we understand the cycle of grief and are able to harness our innate reactions it can be a time of incredible opportunity to strengthen you relationship with your child and help you both grow. 

Small shifts in the way we think can cause huge ripples of change to occur and help you be your best you. A good example is Bullying Beliefs which are simply other peoples version of what is true for them that has been repeated and you accepted or not. They are just thoughts...nothing more and nothing less. It is how we act on them that makes the difference.

Lets Play

So, Let's play a little game called "WHAT IF"

Take some time to consider the following questions.

1) WHAT had an endless supply of money and resources...what would you do with your life? How would you fill your days? What are you passionate about? What are you doing when you loose track of time? What would make you catapult out of bed ?

2) WHAT were the super hero parent and you knew just what to say and when to say it and could protect your kids and give them everything they need and want?  

3) WHAT never had to worry about your child being bullied or bullying others?

Feel free to have some fun with this...what if you were the next man/women on the moon? what if you could break a world record at the olympics? What if...what if...use your imagination.

back to reality

Now, back to reality. The two biggest obstacles to having your what if life is time and money. Ever notice if you have money you don't seem to have the time or the opposite.

I believe these two obstacles can be over come. Simple shifts, tried, tested and true strategies and a guide to help you over the inevitable obstacles can make all the difference. I can help you make your What if's a reality. Consider hiring a coach to help.

Be your best you

The Personal Transformation System (PTS) is the plan I use to get you focussed, help you build skills and strategies for long term change through a step by step process to assist in effectively creating  balance, success, meaning and fun in key areas like work,  increased income, connecting with others and having the energy and strength to move forward every day and make your 'What If's' a reality AND make dealing with bullying easier.

I am so excited to provide you all the information from the program free on this website. You can follow the links for each step. I am adding information every week so if you get to a step that is not yet linked it will be soon. If at any time you get stuck you can contact me.

Keep in mind each of the steps can be applied to the bullying situation as well.

STarting point: OVERVIEw and VISION

PTS is a step by step process for creating and maintaining effective long term improvements in for a better life. The system provides a currculum to follow that once learned can be repeated in order to achieve improvement in any of the key areas of life including family, financial, spiritual purpose/meaning, friendships, career, health and money. The end result is happiness as you define it. 









We all deserve it

What is IT?  HAPPINESS. How do we achieve happiness ? By fullfilling our destiny to be all we were intended to be. Nothing more and nothing less. Being your best is important as your child sees you growing and role modelling continuous improvement they will be more resilient and able to cope with life's inevitable changes including bullying. 

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