SUPPORT for Dealing with Bullying Support

It is a wise Parent in deed who seeks support for dealing with bullying. Only a strong, courageous, smart person is able to reach out and get help. Surrounding yourself with supportive people and helpful resources will model for your child how to deal with difficult situations.

MAke sure you have the basics

Having a child is like taking your heart out of your chest and walking around with it on your sleeve... Can't remember where I heard that...but oooooh so true...

If our child hurts we hurt.

I hope at this point you have looked at the definition of bullying, determined the level of bullying and discussed it with your child. These steps will help you to understand exactly what you are dealing with when it comes to bullying and the severity of the situation.


There are many sources of support. This situation can be very complicated. Going it alone is never a good idea. Consider reaching out to one or all of the following. 

Sources of Support for DEALing WITH BULLYING

1) Your Child's School
2) Friends
3) Family
4) Books about bullying
5) Police
6) Local Support Group
7) Online Support Group
8) Life Coach
9) Family Doctor
10) Local Hospital

All of the above will be able to provide direction, information and support. Of course, depending on the level of bullying you may or may not choose to go to police or local hospital but a simple phone call and they may be able to send you in the right direction. Let common sense prevail.


You may encounter friends, family and authorities who do not believe your concerns about your child's bullying issue are important. 

You may encounter many excuses for bullying. Or you may meet up with someone who is operating under a false bullying belief. 

Please do not give up.

There are supports out there. Do not allow someone else to deter you from getting the support you need. 

The results of allowing bullying to continue are clear and possibly life threatening. Your instincts are correct. Keep seeking the support you need.  

It is really important for your child but also for you too as the stress of the situation can be overwhelming. Keep seeking the support you need to deal with bullying for your child and yourself.

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