Bullying at School can be challenging for parents.

Many parents feel intimidated if they have to deal with their childs' school for parent teacher meetings let alone discuss a problem like bullying at school. We will make sure you are well informed and prepared.

Take a deep breath...stay calm.

You can do this. I've got your back :)

The good news is many  Schools will be very accommodating. If your approach is assertive and not aggressive and you have the facts to explain your concerns for your child. Make sure you have all the details from your child before you approach the school. 

However, there are schools  still operating from old Bullying Beliefs. This will make your life a little more challenging.  In this case you will have to be persistent. The Bully may be a star athlete or have parents who are financially supporting the school. I hope this is not the case for you. However, if it is... there is still something you can do to ensure  the school is dealing with bullying and putting supports into place so your child gets the help he needs.

You may have to get support from other parents, Children's advocacy groups or even the police to guarantee the school protects your child.

There are so many negative consequences for all children involved in bullying. It is important you don't give in. It is your right as a parent to hold the school accountable for the care of your child. This is a serious issue and your childs' welfare depends on your not giving up.

BEing PERSISTANT is key 

Remember your child will model your behaviour. If you give up he/she will believe the Bullying at school is acceptable. 

 bullying At School
Action STEPS

Dealing with School about bullying may require your time and dedication. There are many ways you can get involved to encourage Bullying Prevention at school.

1) Talk to your School Authorities: Do they have an anti-bullying program? Maybe you can help to put one in place. Join the Parent Committee (Most schools have one) If not you can start one. In this way you can support and encourage the school to include curriculum and programming to support anti-bullying.

2) Offer to Volunteer: Adult supervision reduces the opportunities for bullying to start. There are multiple ways to help...school programs, supervision, starting a club. You can call the school and ask if they have these types of opportunities.

3) Review Levels of Bullying: Start putting some of the solutions in place. There are lots of things you can do at home to help.This will build your confidence and your Child will be safe as you go through the process with the School.

There is Hope for dealing with school about bullying

Many schools are adopting very interesting programming that allows for the child to build their emotional intelligence. Programs like restorative justice that teaches and helps all involved heal.

In addition to  2+2... Children in these schools are learning conflict resolution, leadership skills, empathy and tolerance. Constructive problem solving and strong communication. They are learning how to be better humans in addition to getting a basic education. Schools implementing this type of curriculum have shown decreased Bullying. I believe this is a step in the right direction.

Dealing with school about bullying can seem overwhelming. It will be even worse if school was not your thing as a child. You must remember you are protecting your child. If you are persistant and continually take action you will be successful. 

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