Building happy relationships 

How do you go about building happy relationships? Relationships are a key ingredient to our happiness and it is a known fact that strong relationships can prevent bullying from having long term negative effects and prevent your child from being a cronic bully or a bully victim all together.

 How do you start building happy relationship or create a successful partnership with your Spouse to set the best possible example for your child? Are you being bullied in your relationship? How do you connect with your child on a deep level so they know you hear them and understand you are there for them ? 

You can solve your relationship problems and turn an unhappy marriage,  friendship or relationship with your child into a happy one. Use the tried and tested methods from my coaching practice and hire a coach to assist you with building happy relationships.

Below is list of ways coaching can help

  • turn arguments into passionate discussions
  • start enjoying time together instead of dreading it
  • understand each other
  • soothe the pain of disappointments and hurts
  • get the  passion back 
  • re-start lost love
  • overcome infidelity and other serious challenges

If at any time you want to talk about your relationship problems and building happy relationships with a coach, click the link to the page on my site.

I'm right here beside you with the best possible coaching advice.

Need a Spark to light the passion?

If you are dealing with infidelity, trust issues, alcohol or drug abuse this is not for you.

If you and your partner could use a little extra passion in your love life you may want to consider small changes like how you talk to each other and maybe trying a 10 second kiss everyday.

Do you need relationship advice?

If you answered yes; This is why:

We all think building happy relationships comes naturally. Well...

Well, everybody comes into a relationship with good and bad 'baggage'. We have learned from our parents, teachers, siblings and friends of the past. They role modelled for us and we absorbed it like little sponges. All our beliefs were learned as children. Everything we "absorbed" as children impacts everything we say and do today.

Ever hear something come out of your mouth and think "Wow, I really have become my Mother/Father" as the case may be. Now you know why.

All our beliefs stay with us. They get carried around in our hearts and are the little voices we hear that tell us right from wrong and good from bad. This is very  fortunate for some and not so much for others as  these form the majority of chatter in our unconscious minds. We are happy, unhappy or somewhere in between based on the effects - and our perceptions - of all those beliefs we have collected.

So depending on what you grew up with you may find it more challenging to start building happy relationships.

Overcoming relationship problems

Ever read the quote "Happiness is a journey not a destination." Well, that journey is called life.

We have all had our ups and downs. I hope as I type this that for you there have been more ups than downs but nothing in end the past  matters unless you give it meaning. The Bad is always out there but so is the good. We must soldier on looking for positive evidence of the good...otherwise what is the point ? I for one do not believe we are here to suffer.  

So Hear I am going to ask you on a forward moving basis to hold on to your passions, skill, knowledge and "MUCHNESS" that makes you YOU.  These will be valuable as we move ahead and start building happy relationships.

And let go of that which does not serve you. The stuff that keeps you stuck and zaps your motivation. All the negative comments, thoughtlessly thrown your way, abuse, cruelty or ugliness can simply be allowed to have no further meaning for you. I know this can be easier said than done so you may want a Coach to help.

Choosing to build happY relationships

 YES, it is a choice.

What you choose to be good and keep; and what you determine to be bad and let go; will to a great degree shape your relationships not only with your spouse but your child as well. Most importantly it will impact all your relationships and make them good or bad, happy or unhappy.

I really want to reassure you that there is no shame in struggling to make your long-term relationship or marriage work! It can be difficult and everyone struggles during crises like bullying for example.  It takes time and effort. I can also reassure you it is worth it in the end. 

Building happy Relationships

You may be asking yourself what building a happy relationship within your marriage has to do with your child being bullied. However, if your relationship with your spouse is strong and healthy dealing with bullying is easier. Your communication works better and two is always better than one when it comes to providing support and guidance. 

Bullying may have caused serious problems in your relationship that need to be addressed. Things like agreement on solutions? Maybe your spouse believes the child should just toughen up like they had to do or believes other bullying beliefs that do not fit with yours.

Perhaps there were issues before the bullying started and now it all seems to be getting worse.

Whatever the case may be you can get the passion back in your relationship, start communicating better and feel more connected and in love than when you started out. You can build a happy relationship with your child using same skills.  Sound too good to be true? 

I have done it. My marriage is good and solid now but we work at it. Both my husband and I agree we have to pay attention to "US" as if it were a third child.  We go on dates, talk everyday, do a ten second kiss and a variety of other things to keep our relationship on solid ground. I think my husband will agree we are more in love today than 10 years ago and it just keeps getting better. If I can do it so can you.

Tips for building happier relationship with your spouse (and everyone)

I am writing this to Coach you while you are building a happier relationship with your spouse however these tips can be applied to all your relationships.

1) Love Unconditionally

So many times we put conditions on our love to keep ourselves safe. I will love you if you pick up after yourself. I will love you if you cook dinner every night... These may not be fully conscious but if you give it some thought I would imagine you can think of many ways you put conditions on your Spouse that you would never dream of putting on your kids. 

2) Admiration and Appreciate

I'll bet you can give me a list of all the things that are wrong with your spouse and they know all about it. However, do you ever tell them about the things you love and admire...??? If you don't eventually, someone will come along who will.

3) Communication

We can connect more deeply with each other if we simply take the time to communicate. Communication skills will benefit you in every relationship. Start by really tuning in to the other person and see what you can hear without judgement or the need to fix.

4) Take Care of Yourself

So often especially while dealing with a crisis like bullying we forget to take care of ourselves. However, once the well runs dry that is it...there is no more water...done. Same is true for you. You can only give sooo much without allowing time to give to yourself. It may be as simple as taking a walk, painting a picture or putting on your favourite music. It may require more like a vacation or seeking professional help. Whatever it is you need to keep yourself going is important. 

5) Feelings Just are

We all have them. Feelings are not good or bad right or wrong they just are.

The difficulty comes when as children we were told "only babies cry", to apologize to a sibling (even when we were not sorry) and being told getting a needle or a scraped knee does not hurt...Of course it hurt. We are taught to lie to ourselves about feelings. All your feelings are ok and should not be judged. Just allow them in a wave and let them go.

BUilding happy relationships

There are a lot more lessons about building happy relationships through out this website. I hope you take advantage of all the free information and no matter your budget if you need a coach I am here for you. 

Get the spark to a more Passionate love life

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