Language of desire

Bringing back that spark

Language of desire is an easy to follow e-program to help you get back that spark. If you have been with your Spouse/Partner for awhile you may find "PASSION" is not a word you use to describe your love life. 

Fortunately, there are ways to Light that Fire once again. I have a whole coaching program that can assist. Your love life could be more passionate than when you first met.

My Relationship with my husband is the perfect example. We go on regular dates and follow some of the tips from my coaching program as well as the Language of Desire ebook which is way cheaper and full of great ideas to light that spark again.

Relationships can be challenging

Falling in love is the easy part. Staying in love is the challenge. So often life gets in the way. A crisis like bullying can really challenge your communication and stretch your conflict resolution skills as you and your partner may differ on the solutions. 

I asked my Grampa once how he and Granny managed to stay together and he said they never fell out of love at the same time and my Granny said it was because every Friday they had a ritual and sat down in the evening just the two of them and worked through the what went well, what is not quite right and what was down right unexceptable. They then continued on their evening and had fun together. Every week they started with a fresh slate.

How would your relationship change if you followed the fair fighting rules and created a similar ritual. I know easier said than done but worth a try or two don't you think?

passionate relationshipsPassion is a conscious choice

THe truth

The Truth is the longer you are together the better the relationship can be. As you grow to know each other and trust each other more and more the sex becomes more intense...really, it can be that great...honest, as your coach I would never lie to you. Click Here Now!

WHen will language of desire work?

This ebook may not be the be all and end all. If you are dealing with trust issues, infidelity, alcohol or drug abuse it really is NOT the answer. 

Coaching may help or counselling may be required.

For the rest of us this is an inexpensive but valuable way to get passion back into our relationships with our Spouses. Nothing to loose but a few dollars.

So, go ahead...Leave a PG version of your results below. ;)

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