Communication Tips

Solutions for great conversations with your kids

It is important to learn some communication tips to keep them talking to you because at one point or another kids will stop talking.

It could be just a phase or there may be a list of possible problems. Whatever the reason, it is a good idea for parents to know how to get their child talking  and how to keep them talking.  I realize in our busy lives this can be challenging.

No matter their AGE, They need US

Even if they seem to be all grown up. You know 6 going on 13 or 13 going on 21...

No matter their age there are as many reasons to stop talking as there are children. We all deal with life differently. Unfortunately, this makes many children feel very alone and forces them to deal with situations beyond their coping skills.


We as parents must be ever vigilant and watch for the warning signs of Bullying and even then could end up being the last to know because of bullying secrets.

As parents we need to realize we are only human and  we do the best we can. I was never provided the chance to learn good communication skills until much later in life. If this is the case for you talking to your children may not come naturally and these communication tips will really help. 

Of course, you may  have a good rapour with your child already and just need some help on how to discuss bullying with your child. 

Connect with our kids by talking to them

The greatest gift we can give is our attention. It can be difficult sometimes due to our busy schedules but our kids are worth it. We can make the most out of the time we have by using some of the following communication tips.

COmmunication tiP: #1tuning in

Tuning In allows us to make the most of the time we have by getting focussed on our kids before beginning the conversation.

COmmunication Tip #2 reflecting

Reflecting back is an old but very useful communication tip. This tool called reflecting back allows you to clarify what you heard and give your child the opportunity to feel heard. 

Communication Tip #3: Keep the conversation going

You can keep the conversation going by simply encouraging them and asking open questions. 

Communication Tip #4: Freak out Free Zone

Every Child has times when they just wish they could talk to their Mom or Dad and not worry about their reaction, over reaction, story telling, punishment, etc...etc...etc...(all those annoying things we do as parents)

Create a buzz word or phrase that tells you they need to talk but don't want a reaction. This can make things easier... In our family we use "tea time" to mean a safe space to share something important.

Connecting with your child using these communication tips can help you feel closer and can be fun and easy (with just a little practice).  You will find your child may initially resist but if you are persistant the rewards will be worth it.

Not only will talking with your child help improve your relationship but it will also show them they are loved and important. Two very important messages that will help your child deal with bullying.

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