Better LIFe

A better life can be yours even if your child is dealing with bullying.

In fact, bullying may be an opportunity for you and your child to take a look at your lives and how they can not only be bully free but also be much better than your life now.

Problems = Opportunity

Sometimes a problem can open the door to new possibilities.

Recently my Daughter had a crisis. It is her story and not mine so I will not share details. However, I did not react well. I went through all the stages of grief and made it all about me making as many mistakes as humanly possible doing all the things I tell you NOT to do. Then my sanity returned. I calmed down and started problem solving with my daughter. We now have a better relationship than before the crisis.

Bullying may be a catalyst to a better life

I am not saying this will happen right away and you will need to deal with bullying. However, crisis brings opportunity  for a better life, to bring out the best in you and your child. It is the chance to learn new ways to deal with many issues, build character and make changes that will not only impact the bullying but have a profound effect on your entire life.

Examples of how dealing with bullying could change your entire life.

  • You learn to problem solve and apply this to other areas of your life
  • You build your childs' self esteem and learn to feel better about yourself in the process
  • You explored the website and read about being your best you and discovered a whole new world.
  • The crisis caused you to need more energy so you started doing things to improve your health and now you are more vibrant and healthy in general.
  • Maybe it forced you into managing your time better or getting more organized
  • You needed to be able to help your child be more self confident and courageous and found your own confidance and courage.
  • Attempting to help your child be happier you discovered the secrets to happiness your self.
  • In helping your child deal with their attitude you learned something about yourself.
  • Perhaps decision making was not your strength and you have learned through the process how to make good decisions

The point being in order to cope with the bullying you had to stretch and grow. This is a good thing and will help you improve your life. The sooner you can make this small shift in your thinking and start looking for the opportunities the easier it will be to cope and move forward. This is what a coach does.

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