Effects of Bullying

The effects of Bullying can impact everyone—those who are targeted, those who bully, and those who see it happening.

It is linked to many problems with depression and lowered self esteem, alcohol, drug use and bullycide. This is not about having a bad day at school...Bullying can effect our children for the rest of their lives.

It is important to talk to kids. As parents we need to learn to listen and engage our children to determine whether bullying—or something else—is a concern.


effects of bullyingbullying can cause loneliness

May include but are not limited to:

Physical: headaches, stomach problems (including ulcers), obvious scratches, bruises and worse, loss of appetite, sudden increase or decrease in weight

Emotional: Anger management issues, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of inferiority or superiority, fear, inability to trust, difficulty making friends

Spiritual: Fostering intolerance, selfishness, dismissal of any higher power

At School: Lowered grades, reduced involvement in activities, missing of milestones like Graduation

On the Playground: Reduced socializing, isolation, attempts to control games, controlling of younger and smaller children

At home: withdrawn, secretive, sudden personality changes, increased difficulty with siblings, relationship difficulties

Short term Vs Long term Effects

A child may experience a short episode of bullying that temporarily effects his grades. The bullying stops and the child’s grades are restored and he/she continues normally. However, the child could seem to be ok now but continue to have long term difficulty with creating friendships due to the lack of trust established during the bullying .

I know kids will experience some of these issues with or without the addition of bullying. The home environment and the personality of the child play a large role in how bullying will impact any given child.

My point is why have this un-necessary stressor in the lives of our kids?

The time to start dealing with bullying is now.

As Bob Proctor has been known to quote " The time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the secondest best time is now."

Lets stop making excuses

We know bullying happens and we know there are ways to stop it and deal with it in a constructive way that gives us the opportunity to teach our children to deal with conflict and aggression in a way that gets positive results. 

Many times bullying is allowed to continue simply because of bullying beliefs that prevent otherwise caring people from seeing the serious impact.

The effects of bullying are very real and so sad and unnecesary as we know we can prevent them. 

As parents it is up to us to show our kids how to behave and give them the skills they need to be successful in life.

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