Bullying Warning Signs 

Bullying leaves clues

First step, to helping your child is to be able to recognize the Bullying Warning Signs. They may be very obvious but sometimes they are very subtle.

child sad due to bullyingBullied children may appear sad more often than usual.

We know from research that more children will experience bullying than will not. So it makes sense as parents we should understand what bullying is all about and learn to recognize the warning signs of bullying from all perspectives.

Warning signs your child is being bullied

Your child may not  come out and tell you they are being bullied. Ok, well most children will not tell their parents for multiple reasons they keep the bullying secret. But there are warning signs your child is being bullied. Some of the signs can look like just normal kids stuff but bullying is not a normal part of growing up which is one of many bullying beliefs that prevents parents from getting involved. 


Your child is not going to come out and tell you they are the “bully”. They don’t want to get in trouble or they may not even recognize the bullying as a problem. But there are warning signs your child is a bully.

Your child may not tell you they have witnessed bullying because they have de-sensitized themselves. It happens so often it is part of life and no longer has an impact.

How sad is that? Our kids don’t even bother to tell us about violence or cruelty they have witnessed because it is all part of their daily experience.


Make no mistake about it…Bullying is out there…Everyday up to 80% of kids witness or are actively involved with some form of bullying… There are staggering statistics. And it effects all our children no matter which part they play in  bullying.

Being alert to bullying warning signs

Being alert to possible warning signs gives us a heads up and an opportunity to intervene before someone gets seriously hurt.

Understanding Warning Signs can help us recognize Bullying sooner rather than later. The sooner we can catch it the less likely it is that the bullying level  escalate and the children will get into the “habit” of playing the “role” or being labeled as “the bully” or a “victim” Both very damaging labels that can have negative effects on their futures.

We can talk to our children about bullying. Let them know you are there for them and will respect them by actively listening and getting them talking.

Recognizing the Bullying Warning Signs allows us the opportunity to take action as soon as possible to put solutions into place that will support our children through the experience and mitigate any long term effects it may have on who they are becoming.

Learn more about Bullying.

Warning Signs of your child being bullied

Warning Signs of your child Bullying

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