Straight Forward: Definition of Bullying

Getting a clear definition of bullying was not easy. The Experts out there have a lot of conflicting ideas. I wanted to keep it simple for all the Moms and Dads out there like me who just want to get a handle on what is happening with their child. After hours of research, multiple visits to the library and extensive consideration I managed to come up with something easy to understand. I hope this helps.

Any Actions that hurt either physically or emotionally done repeatedly over time by one or more people directed at another person who has less power.

3 Criteria to call it bullying

So, for clarity sake a situation has to meet the following criteria in order to be defined as Bullying:

It is all about perception

One more consideration. The Bullying has to be perceived by the Child as a threat. Some kids can take it all in...laugh and keep going while others feel threatened. You will need to talk to your child and get an idea of how everything is effecting them. If it is having a negative effect on your child...It is bullying regardless of the intention of the bully.

Personal from your coach

I am really intrigued by Bullying. As a life Coach, I can see how it could create many of the issues I help adults deal with on a daily basis. We can be so cruel to each other. This is just one more reason why it is so important for parents to get involved early so the effects don't carry into adulthood.

This definition of Bullying gives us a clear and concise place to start so as parents we can provide the supports necessary to minimize the negative effects on our children. Yes, there are other bullying definitions. Some experts believe any conflict is bullying. As parents we need to keep it simple. How else can we make decisions and take actions?

We need to remember we cannot fight the battles for them...that can create as many problems as leaving them to cope on their own. Our job as parents is to love them, provide support and give them guidance while acting as an advocate for them.

Steps to get started dealing with bullying

It is all about balance...

 The First step is always Awareness. We know there is a problem. We recognize the Warning Signs and know our child is hurting. Have an open mind and know the signs of being bullied or being a bully. We know from statistics bullying is happening. It could be your child.

 The Second step involves understanding. There are many types of bullying and lots of information to help you educate yourself so you can be their for your child. I hope you find this definition of bullying useful but there is much more you need to understand if you are going to help your child Deal with Bullying.

Luckily all that information is here for you. Here is a great place to start.

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