Making Good decisions

Making good decisions is important for Parents  when dealing with bullying. Problem is many times we are not taught how to make good decisions. We are out of touch with our priorities, make pseudo-decisions or get blocked and caught up in analysis paralysis. 

Pseudo Decisions

Sometimes we make decisions by not making any decision at all. See if any of these sound familiar:

  • Procrastinate
  • Inability to choose
  • make an impulse move
  • let someone else decide
  • choosing against or with the group
  • trying to work all options
  • looking back at what might have been

All of these are ways of avoiding or letting circumstances control your decisions.

Decision blockers

In addition to avoiding making decisions as in the pseudo decisions above sometimes we get blocked and find ourselves unable to make decisions.

  1. We loose touch with our feelings
  2. We have anxiety over potential outcomes
  3. We are not clear on or have stopped paying attention to our priorities.
  4. Hopelessness/depression/Anxiety and other mental illnesses
  5. Unrealistic self image or self idealization
  6. Self erasing, dependance or need to be liked
  7. lack of confidence or poor self esteem
  8. Quest for applause or mastery
  9. Perfectionism: Wanting it all
  10. Belief something better will come along
  11. Yearning for what is not while demeaning what is and/or wishful thinking
  12. Nothing compares to your imagination
  13. Fear of self hate due to bad choice
  14. Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda/
  15. Illusion of not enough time
  16. impaired judgement

All of these and more can block us from making good decisions.

Coaches Thoughts

In my opinion people are often stuck because they are out of touch with priorities and/or feelings. Hiring a life coach can ensure you are on track and able to make decisions based on what is most important to you.

7 Stages of making good decisions 

  1.  Consider all the possibilities
  2. Consider your thoughts and feelings about the possibilities
  3. Relate the possibilities to your priorities
  4. Make a choice
  5. Register decision
  6. Invest and commit to ti
  7. Take actions

It is very similar to problem solving.

How to over come indeciveness

  1. Rest and more rest-Sleep on it is always a good idea especially if it is a major decision
  2. Accept imperfection
  3. Remember the big fact
  4. Review priorities
  5. Go through the 7 stages
  6. Get outside help
  7. Don't let pride get in the way

For making good decisions there is one thing you need to remember. There is one big FACT that I can share with you that will make a difference in all your decision making.


Believe it or not the biggest thing to remember is that in very few instances is one decision better than another.

Many times we get stuck in analysis paralysis. We keep going over the same information hoping something will change. It will eventually because life is about change. Super serious life changing decisions are very rare. However, whether you get exercise by biking or jogging does not matter and most decisions are like that.

Making good decisions is about knowing your priorities and making the decision based on them. Don't know what your priorities are then that is a good place to start. I can help

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