Secrets to Happiness

Secrets to Happiness to help Parents who are dealing with bullying.

Parents who have children dealing with bullying may find happiness a difficult emotion to create. Follow these secrets and remember Bullying is just one part of your life and if you are persistent in finding solutions it will not last forever.

Secrets to happiness

1) Embrace New Experiences.
Most people suffer from merely surviving versus really living and thriving. As Parents it is easy to get caught in a rut especially when dealing with bullying.  One of the greatest secrets to happiness is being able to get out of the rut. Explore. Play. Go beyond your comfort zone. Don’t lean on the excuse “I don’t have time to try new things.” It is as tragic and ridiculous as saying “I don’t have time to breathe.” New experiences are life. Live deeply.

2) Be Who You Are.
Another Secret to Happiness often overlooked is being who you are not being what everyone else expects. Recognize  what others expect of you, including society’s expectations, your partners' expectations, and even your expectations. Recognize the guilt, anger, fear and other emotions that are sabotaging you as you deal with bullying and life. Let it all Go !! What are your dreams? Your goals? Your loves? Who are you? Be that person.

3) Forgive.
The past is good for two things: the happy memories, and the lessons it provides. The only person you hurt by clinging to resentment and sadness for past events is you. Don’t let the past replace the gift of the present.  Forgiveness is a secret to happiness that can really help you Let go. Be here now and go forward.

4) Be Kind.
It is easy to be kind to those who have been kind to you. We need to remember that is not where kindness is needed most. Recall those many times where you made mistakes, where you reacted out of negative emotions instead of responding from who you really are. Recall how you felt, or how you would have felt, if others responded to your mistakes with kindness instead of harsh criticism or a cold shoulder. Negativity only breeds more negativity. Remember this when you are dealing with a Bully. We all make mistakes. Empathize, and choose to be kind. It spreads rapidly.

5) Be Responsible for Yourself.
You are response-able. Whatever happens, however promising or tragic you are RESPONSE-ABLE and only you. There are no greater wastes of energy and potential than blame, envy, a desire for revenge, and wallowing in self-pity. You and only you are responsible for how you respond to anything and how you act. You wish others were a certain way? You wish the world were a certain way? Be the change you want to see in the world. Lead by example.

6) Nurture Relationships.
Think of your most joyful moments. Think of all you have learned. Think of what has helped you grow. Chances are great these all involve other people, and other relations such as pets and nature too. There are over six billion people on this earth. There are infinite relationships to be had. Everyone has something to understand and to learn. There is infinite love to be had, and to give. You can choose to be lonely, but you are never alone. This is especially important to remember as we deal with bullying as it can be easy to isolate ourselves. Reach out and get Support.

7) Be Grateful.
We have so much we can be grateful for even in the face of bullying. You are alive and able to read this which makes you more fortunate that most. If you  you can walk, talk, see, smell, taste, or feel, or all of these, you are fortunate. You are what you focus on, so if you focus on what you lack, you become that lack. Focus on all that you do have, on the gifts inside and all around you. Be grateful to be great.

8 ) Do What Inspires You.
The first thing out the window when we have bullying in the picture is doing anything that feeels good. The truth is the feel good things like painting, singing, writing, biking, swimming, gardening, reading, dancing, walking, woodcarving … what ever you feeeeel good doing? Whatever it is that ignites you, inspires you, enlightens you, restores your life? Do it, and do it often. Do not believe your excuse of having too much work to do and too little time for what inspires you. Doing what inspires you is the very fuel that will give you the strength and motivation to do the other things you need to do, and do them well.

9) Remember that Happiness is a State, Not a Circumstance
Happiness is a state of being, not merely a moment of pleasure or joy. By committing to your happiness you acknowledge and accept that there will be times of challenge and suffering, but by staying true to who you are you will not just endure but thrive. Happiness is not just the bird floating serenely on the water, and happiness is not made unhappy by the rock that falls and temporarily disturbs the water. Happiness is the water itself, always being exactly what it is.

Please pass The 9 Timeless Secrets to Happiness on to family, friends and co-workers. Please pass it on to teachers so they can share it with their students. Please pass it on to bloggers, journalists, politicians and anyone who reaches large numbers of people so they can share it too. I wrote it to be shared, because I simply believe good things will come to all of us with the message it carries on being happy. I hope you agree. — Brian Vaszily

I hope you get lots of use out of these secrets to happiness Edited by Vicki McMahon for Parents dealing with bullying. 

Are you happy?

My guess is these secrets to happiness are nothing new to you. I am sure you have heard or read it all before in some form.

However, as your coach I am going to ask you to really breath this in. We all want happiness and we want it for our children. It is not about pursuing it. It is about ACCEPTANCE. By reviewing the above secrets to happiness often you can remind yourself that even in the face of something like bullying you can choose to be happy. This way you are also being a good role model for your children.

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