Warning Signs your child is being bullied

It is important to know the warning signs your child is being bullied because your child may not talk to you about bullying. In fact, in all likelihood they won't.

They keep their bullying secrets for many reasons.  If as Parents we are able to identify the warning signs and work with our children  we can stop it early before it escalates and has long term effects or leads to much worse outcomes.

In the beginning

The bullying starts in a very subtle way. Your child may not mention it because they don't really identify it as bullying.

Your child may shift their eyes when you ask them about school and be vague about details. Maybe you get a call from the school because your child was late because they took the "long way" to school to avoid the bully.

 Your child may suddenly change how he dresses or you may notice they are using different language. They are vague about their day and may spend a little extra time in their room.

It may be nothing... just normal kids stuff... hormones and all that... or it may be bullying.

It is never to soon to talk to your child and find out what is going on in their lives for better or for worse. As the bullying progresses into more serious levels of bullying the warning signs are more clear and identifiable.

Watch for these warning signs.

  1. Your child seems depressed or anxious.
  2. They seem to be  experiencing sadness and loneliness.
  3. They have no friends or their friendships have recently changed.
  4. They sleep more or less than usual.
  5. They change their eating habits. You notice they are very hungry after school.
  6. They are vague or evasive when you ask them about school or life in general.
  7. They seem to have lost interest in activities they used to enjoy.
  8. They suddenly have Health complaints: stomach aches, ulcers, generalized complaints.
  9. There is a change in their grades. Lower scores on tests and overall grades in school.
  10.  They avoid or change their participation in school activities.
  11. They make every excuse to avoid going to school.
  12. They seem to take odd routes to school.
  13. They may come home with unexplained rips in clothing, black eyes or bruises.
  14. They may inexplicably "lose" a prized possession 

You might be thinking my kid is a tween or teen and goes through many of these on a daily basis. YES, some of these warning signs are normal adolescence. However, in combination they could indicate your child has been targeted by a bully.

If you determine your child is being bullied...

Your reaction needs to be CALM !!!

If you over react... you will not be any good to your child... And may make the situation worse. Of course, that being said...

IF the bullying involves the breaking of laws like using a weapon or threat of serious bodily harm: CALL THE POLICE


My first concern is always with the safety of the children involved. There are crisis situations being reported almost daily about bullying crossing the line. If your child has been assaulted or is experiencing serious threats please call the police. If the bully was bluffing that is fine...better safe than sorry. 

Start seeking out support and solutions until the bullying stops. Don't get sidetracked by nasty misleading bullying beliefs. Make sure you include your child in the process as this will help them regain control of their lives and mitigate any long term effects.

Identifying the bullying by knowing and acting upon Warning Signs of bullying are a good start through the healing process. Make sure you take care of yourself, ask for the support you need. And realize you are not alone.

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