Bullying Prevention from HOme

Bullying Prevention from home can be built into our daily lives and does not have to be another job on your to do list.

It may seem counter-intuitive as your child is being bullied or bullying outside the house...You may think any actions to prevent or stop bullying would have to happen where the bullying is happening. Well, this is true... the bullying has to be actioned directly. However, bullying prevention from home is more about support and guidance. Small ways we can impact and support our children during this difficult time.

Currently, our homes are filled with busy-ness. We are all so busy working and getting through each day making sure there is food on the table. So much for technology giving us more free time. The TV has become the baby sitter, the internet is entertainment and techno gizmos (Yes, Cell phones included) have replaced person to person communication. The action steps below will help you build great strategies into your busy schedule which will definitely help your child.


We need to work important life skill strategies into our busy daily lives. It can be easy to find time in the car while driving or have your kids help with dinner prep which are important times to take advantage of if we want our kids to keep talking to us. These strategies can be woven into your day and do not need to add any stress.

1) Modelling is the number one way our kids learn from us....You know the old saying "Monkey see...Monkey Do" Well our children watch us ALL THE TIME and they are LISTENING all the time.  We can make a difference with  Bullying  Prevention from home by helping them build character traits. It is easy as....

2) Building Self Esteem: Bullies and Bullied children need to know they are worthy, they can get their needs met and they deserve to be treated with respect. We can help them feel good about themselves and support them in their weaknesses and help them build on their Strengths.

3) Friendship skills: Are another way we can help our children in the Prevention of Bullying from home. Learning how to start a friendship and then keep and build the friendship will reduce the likelihood of Bullying.

4) Practice Self Care: If we get angry and hit...guess what?? Our children will get angry and hit. We can learn to deal with Stress constructively and our children will copy us.

Children watch the way we interact ...Ever hear your child playing and you could swear it is you talking??? Their tone of voice everything...they are great little mimics. So make sure you are showing them appropriate ways to deal with conflict  and negotiate relationships. Keep in mind if you are or were bullied...they will mimic this too. 

Bullying Prevention from home is about our job to guide our children to behave in ways that make them feel and act as caring and responsible people who like themselves, think for themselves and know they are capable of dealing with life,  solving problems and contributing to a greater good.

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