SMARTphone Safety tips

Being aware of Smartphone safety tips will help parents put guidelines around cell phone useage and prevent bullying from escalating. We are a unique generation. Never before have parents had to deal with the technology of today.

When I was a kid there was no such thing as Cyber-bullying. However today is a different story.

Our children have access to 24/7 information and the flip side of that is true as well. Our children are accessible by those online 24/7.

The difference between need and want

I want a smartphone. I find them easy to use expecially as I am a MAC user...I like the iphone. However, my 13 year old daughter NEEDS a smart phone. 

What is the difference? Many Parents today fail to grasp the importance of texting, facebook, twitter, our children's social lives.

I use it as a tool however my Daughter uses it as a lifeline to her social network. 

This technology is becoming more and more important. 

As parents  it is important we protect our teens however it is equally important to build their ability to problem solve and handle various situations.

Unfortunately, with things as they are your child can make a small mistake sharing a funny yet inappropriate picture with friends and the repercussions can be immediate. Next thing you know it is viral and used as a way to bully your child.


There are a few important safety tips to keep in mind to help prevent such scenarios.

Smartphone safety tips

1) Prevent inappropriate Information

  • Learn how to set up parental controls and block sexually explicit, adult, language and apps that do not have parental approval.

2) Place limits on phone use.

  • have boundaries around bedtime, limit amount of time texting or gaming. 

3) Discuss potential threats.

  • Protecting their privacy and that of others and how not everything is always as it seems with apps. They may not be as secure as promised.

4) Reminding them they should not reply to any bullying, harmful or unsolicited calls or messages and they can talk to you or another trusted adult.

  • harrassment and bullying is not acceptable and in some cases may be criminal.

5) Remind your child it is easy to lose control of pictures,  texts or videos.

  • Even if it is just meant for close friends it is easy to cross the line and could be illegal and cause hurt feelings. Cyber threats of varying degrees are out there. 

To get more information

I am not an expert in all things techie...with all honesty my 13 year old daughter manages most of it for me.

If your child has been victimized by a "capper" or has been sexually exploited online please visit This is a tipline to report these concerns. The tipline also provides the public with information, referrals and other resources to help keep children/youth safe while on the internet. 

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