Stress management TIps

 Dealing with bullying can be very stressful. The stress management tips provided will help you and make the ordeal easier for you and your child.

Stress Management Tip #1

We can look at our situation and identify what might be coming our way that could cause us stress. 

You will find this particularily useful if your child has asked for a tea-time or you are headed into a conference to discuss bullying. 

You can plan ahead to deal with whatever stress comes your way. If you have a plan in place ahead of the stressor it will reduce the impact.

1) Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You can change your reaction to stress by slowing down your breathing.

2) Make the deep breath your reminder to examine your perception of the situation. Remind yourself you are capable, this is not a disaster and you have dealt with worse things in your life.

3) Remind yourself you are responsible for your life and what happens next is within your control and you can cope.

4) Think about the best ways to respond before you open your mouth. Choose a loving response that will help the situation and keep you calm.

Just Breath... Reminds me of Dory from the movie  Finding Nemo...She does not get stressed about not remembering...she keeps saying..."Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" So to you I say, just keep breathing...deep and slow...

Stress Management TIp #2

Nobody is perfect. You may get caught off guard and suddenly find you are in a very stressful situation. You can learn to recognize how stress effects you and learn to let it go.

1) Identify the parts of your body that are tense.

2) Take a deep breath and tense the part of your body where you feel the most tension.

3) Hold your breath for a few seconds and then release your breath and your tensed muscle at the same time. Repeat if necessary several times to help relax.

Stress management TIp #3

It is difficult to deal with bullying. Once you know your child is involved you need to make sure solutions are found that helps everyone. This can be challenging. The situation may take time to resolve. After all it took time to develop. 

If we find ourselves in a stressful situation over a long period of time it is important for us to have self soothing routines to help us manage and shift out of the stress response.

1) Listen to uplifting music

2) Take a long bath and practice tensing and releasing your muscles.

3) Get some fresh air. Go for walk and get a change of scenery.

There are many ways to deal with stress. Remember it may feel self indulgent but it is not. You need to take care of yourself as you deal with the bullying and support your child. You can not give away what you do not have.

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