Stress Triggers

Understanding your stress triggers can help you deal with stress more effectively.

Then you can start to model resiliency for your children and help them deal with their stress.

Identify your stress triggers

What, Who, When and how  you experience stress will be unique to you. We are all different.

Close your eyes for a moment and think about  a  time you have felt the signs of stress. 

What happened that caused you to feel stress?

How did you recognize it as stress...(recognize your unique signs of stress)

Who was involved?

When did it happen?

What was happening in your life that may have been an added stress?

How did you react?

Was your reaction helpful or not?

How long did it last? 

What if anything did you do to deal with it?

Is this situation, person, place, activity or circumstance likely to happen again?

Have you let it go...or is it still active?

Go through these questions with a few different examples from your life.  Do this for each of your recent stressful occurances.

Can you see a pattern in the causes of your stress? Do any of them repeat? 

Perhaps everytime your child comes home from school with a report of bullying it causes your old bullying hurts to open back up which triggers stress.

Now you will recognize it as being an old can take a deep will not be  bullied when you go to the bathroom... And re-focus on your child and how you can support and guide him to have better outcomes.

Being aware is half the battle. Stress will no longer be an invisible influence once you recognize stress triggers in your life.

recognizing Your Stress Triggers

Your child dealing with bullying can be a short term or a long term stresser. However, if you understand your personal triggers it will be easier to cope with. Stress allowed to run rampant in our lives is not healthy and can lead to a multitude of health problems.

Sometimes just identifying your personal signs that you are experiencing stress and knowing your triggers are enough to deal with it. You can recognize it for what it is, take a deep breath and let it go. 

Others will find it more difficult. If your child has been involved with  bullying for a long time and you have stress piled on top of stress it can lead to negative consequences for your health and an inability to support your child through the bullying. 

Don't let it get out of control. We can all use a hand once in awhile.

Dealing with stress is no different.

Make sure you know your signs of stress and consider developing  some stress management tools to cope better.

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