Do you recognize your signs of stress?

Recognizing your unique signs of stress can help you get the jump on dealing with it. Everyone experiences stress but we all experience it differently.

Signs of stress

Lets start by assuming your child is being bullied or has been identified as a bully. This triggers a stress response regardless of the level of bullying. 

Every person has different triggers and "feels" stress differently. Not only that, you may experience different signs for different stresses.

I became stressed when the insurance adjuster muscles tensed, I felt jittery and broke out in a sweat when I saw it was them on call display. We had a huge plumbing problem in our 100 yr old house and insurance was not going to cover. I worried I would say the wrong thing that would cost big $$$. It was actually kind of funny, cause I was in the middle of creating this page. However, if I am prepared like going to a job interview or calling the adjuster when I am ready...I experience stress in a much more subdued way.

What are your signs of stress?

To help you figure it out... here is a list of common signs: 

1) Increased heart rate
2) Tense in shoulders, neck, stomach, jaw
3) Cold hands and feet
4) Difficulty reasoning or focussing your thoughts
5) Jumpy, anxious, jittery,
6) Can't sit still
7) Shaky legs, hands
8) Tight feeling in chest
9) Irritable or easily angered
10) Feeling like or actually crying
11) Dry mouth
12) Muscles feel tense
13) Stomach upset
14) Sweating or feeling cold
15) Difficulty sleeping (either falling asleep or staying asleep)
16) Continual loop of "stressors" in self talk

Your experience of stress may be all of the above and/or may include other signs. Take a minute to give it some thought. Do you have any unique signs of stress that you experience?? Being able to identify what stress feels like for you is the first step in dealing with it.

Help with stress

Many times the feelings and signs of stress will be there before we even have time to think about it.

Having someone who can be there with you every step of the way as you take steps to make your life and family more peaceful, fulfilling and happy can make a huge difference. And seriously reduce your stress levels.

That is what a coach does for you. A coach will help you see reality, set priorities, set up action plans and provide you with some accountability to make the bullying stop and help you manage your stress more effectively.

For more assistance with to deal with stress please contact me and make sure you put dealing with stress in the subject line. I will then arrange a no obligation consultation so we can discuss if coaching is right for you.

Stress is one of those things that everyone experiences differently but everyone experiences it. The more we understand about it the better.

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