Parents can learn these helpful tricks to catch a cyber bully. There are some scary things happening online in addition to bullying you may not be aware of.

I know for me this is huge as I am not as tech savvy as I would like to be. I guess the same is true for the majority of us of a certain age;)

However, it may be easier to identify a cyber bully than you think. The best part is you don't have to be a techie guru for the most part.

WHat is Cyberbullying?

A cyber bully or cyber bullying is simply any form of bullying that is sent via computer or other techie device. It can be insults, threats, compromising pictures etc. Keep in mind if the bully is using online means of bullying than they are probably bullying offline as well.

Coaches thoughts

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How to catch a cyber bully

· Take notes of the words the bully uses…people will often use the same type of words in person.

· Sometimes the messages will talk about things that person has done in person.

· You can sometimes narrow it down. For example someone who makes fun of a report your child did for school is most likely in their class.

· Save all the messages your child receives. They can indicate a pattern and provide evidence.

Every message your child receives gives you a clue in figuring out who the cyberbully is. They are generally not very creative and send the same type of messages over and over again.

Get someone more tech savvy involved if you have to. They can help you track the ISP or get the right people involved to make it stop or have the Bully blocked.

To stop cyberbullying the best thing your child can do is ignore it. This may not be 100% possible in some cases. Bullies can be relentless and follow your child online. 

Coaches thoughts

Keep in mind we think it is only on the computer, their phone or ipad. However, our children live in a different world and online social life is just as important to them as "real world" socializing was to us in the day.

Warning about cyber bullying

Please take it seriously. If it were me, I would shut the darn thing off until the cyberbully moved on... However, we have to remember a big part of your childs' social life is online. It is becoming more of a need to socialize.  Witness the desire to express every minute of every day on facebook.

There are some serious threats to your childs' wellbeing. I am learning a whole new vocabulary. "Cappers" are people who secretly hang out in chat rooms etc and grab screen shots of inappropriate content...maybe two kids kissing and the parents don't know...or even more sexual content. You know the stuff us parents don't like to think about as our children become tweens, teens and adults.

If your child has fallen victim or been exploited in some way you can go to to report it and get information and help.

Make sure you talk to your child about what they are doing on line and the potential threats. Things may not be as private as they might think. You can set up boundaries and guidelines with them to keep them safe (or at least safer).

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