Together we can Stop Physical Bullying. In the moment, without further information adults, teachers, parents, and concerned citizens can stop physical bullying immediately by responding quickly and consistently to the behavior. This will send the message that bullying is not acceptable. Research shows this can stop the behavior over time.


If you witness a physical fight between children or a group of children it is your duty to intervene as a rational and reasonable adult.

**** Remember your safety is also important. If you do not feel you can intervene and stay safe yourself call the Police.***

Follow these Simple Steps :

• Stay calm. Use a firm but calm voice. Breath.

• Get involved NOW and ask another adult for help if needed.

• Separate the kids involved.

• Make sure everyone is safe.

• Take care of any medical needs

• If able provide emotional support or find someone who can.

• Reassure everyone involved including bystanders.

• Make sure parents, the school or police know

Avoid these Common Mistakes:

• Ignore it. This will not go away without your help.

 • Think someone else will do it. You are there...DEAL !

• Think kids can work it out without help.

• Over React and use violence to stop bullying

• Immediately try to sort out the facts.

• Force other kids to say what they saw in front of others.

• Question the children involved in front of other kids.

• Talk to the kids involved together.

• Attempt to make the kids involved “say sorry” or “be friends” on the spot.


Get Police help or Medical Attention immediately if

A weapon is involved.

• There are threats of serious physical injury.

 • There are threats of hate-motivated violence,

 • There is serious bodily harm.

 • There is sexual abuse.

Anyone is accused of an illegal act,(using force to get money or property)

Obviously, these strategies are most effective with physical bullying in the moment. However, the other types of bullying can be dealt with in much the same way with a few tweaks. All we need is enough concerned adults willing to be assertive. We cannot expect our children to be assertive if we are not willing to step up ourselves.

We most often associate bullying with the physical type. We have a lot of bullying beliefs that may not be correct. It is best as parents to really understand the various types of bullying and the solutions available to us to support our children.

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