Coaching rates and Packages

Here at Simple Inspirations Coaching we offer many coaching rates and packages to make sure all families can access the help and support they need to MAKE BULLYING STOP


Option A: One to One Coaching: THE POWER OF ONE

This is the fully loaded Mercedes of Coaching programs. It is for the discerning parent who wants to make sure their child comes out of the bullying experience with the best possible outcome.

This unique one of a kind coaching curriculum cannot be found anywhere else. I developed it especially for parents who are dealing with bullying and need help to direct and assist their child.

Bullying is serious and needs a serious response. There are too many serious consequences to bullying to be ignored.

This is the most intensive, fun and impactful coaching package. You will see results. Involves meeting either face to face or via skype, etc. We meet 3 times a month for 45 minutes each time.  The fourth week is for you to have time to do playwork, practice skills and allow all the changes to settle. 

v Includes a Workbook with everything you need to prepare, get the most out of each session and do the play work

v Includes up to 5 emails in between each session for any questions, concerns or difficulties

v Up to 3 Crisis calls free of charge. If something serious happens and you need coaching NOW to help you cope this is the package for you.

v Free copy of the Bully Free Tool kit which is an ebook Valued at $29.95 (available upon completion)

v Receive a weekly inspiration via email to keep you on track.

v Eight Months of planned strategies, tools and curriculum to make the bullying stop. It is 8 months long however you will start to see results almost immediately.

BENEFITS of the power of one


1)   Making a strong and deep connection with your child by communicating in a way that makes sense to them and learning not only to hear but LISTEN deeply and let them know they are understood.

2)   Create a plan that uses strategies and techniques from coaching and cutting edge technologies like Neuro Linguistic Programming a very fancy name that means tricks to make your brain do what you want it too instead of what you don’t.

3)   Understanding your beliefs, actions, feelings and thoughts and those of your child some may contribute to the bullying some will be strengths to help you cope. We determine together which is which and deal with them accordingly.

4)   Identifying and building habits to prevent bullying from starting, stop it if it has begun and deal with the after effects.

5)   Acquire the supports and knowledge required to make the bullying stop

6)   Problem solve and co create an action plan that will blow you away at how fast changes happen for you and your child.

7)   Overcome obstacles and challenges. There are bound to be some.

8)   Apply your new skills to other areas of your life for a positive impact.

9)   Understand bullying where it is coming from, why your child and what you can do about it.

10)          Whether your child is the bully or is being bullied MAKE THE BULLYING STOP !!


COST:  $3200 (Pay $400 monthly or get a 10% discount if you pay for the entire course in advance)

 BOOK NOW, MY CALENDAR IS FULL and I am now taking bookings on a first come first serve basis as time allows. Contact me

Other packages

We also offer an email package, one time single sessions, group coaching packages and teleconference coaching. Contact us to find out more so we can create a plan to fit your budget and time constraints. Contact Me

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